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Health and Fitness Goals: Simple Steps Lead to Impressive Gains

Every diet book, workout program and weight loss “breakthrough” introduces people to a new, complex system for losing weight and getting into shape. The problem is that many of these plans force people to focus on confusing and elaborate routines. They offer information that includes eating at a specific time then doing a certain number of lunges before running a predetermined distance and finish by drinking 3.2 ounces of chilled water. Basically, there is no real focus on health. No one can attain a goal of reaching their optimum health if all they do is follow a formula and fill in charts. It takes hard work but it does not have to be difficult.

Eat Real Food

Nutrition is the key to weight loss, muscle development and energy reserves. Without a proper diet the body will not have what it needs to help people accomplish their goals. Eating clean means avoiding anything that is processed. Everyone should strive to eat food as close to its original state as possible. This means avoiding cured meats like bacon. choosing fresh rather than canned vegetables and eliminating breakfast cereals from their diet.

Stay Continuously Active

Performing a targeted, aggressive workout 3-4 times each week is advised. This does not mean spending the remainder of the week on the sofa. Strive to stay physically active throughout the day, every day. Walk instead of driving and pick active forms of entertainment. People with sedentary jobs should consider walking or biking to and from work and getting up from their desk and stretching out at least once every hour.

Understand Proper Techniques

Most exercises will benefit people very little if they are done incorrectly. Take the time to learn the proper movement and how to hold the form before worrying about how long to workout or how many reps to perform. This will eventually lead to better results with less effort.

Many fitness experts like Yuri Elkaim believe in getting back to basics with diet and exercise. Stop worrying about calorie totals or tracking fat or carbs. Do not believe that the effectiveness of the plan is proven by its complexity. Complicated routines frustrate people and lead to giving up. Staying motivated and having self restraint is difficult enough. Avoid any program that adds more stress.